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Ancestry for Lorenz Glueck - possible brother for Johann Philipp Glueck
(please refer to bottom of page for abbreviations, explanations and references)

1  Lorenz Gluck 				b: 1683
					d: Dec 13, 1745
    w) Magdalena				b: 1686
 2  Johannes Philip Glick			d: Jul 30, 1781 Warwick TPW, Lancas PA
     w) Elizabeth				d: July 28, 1789  Lancaster Co PA
From info gathered by Danny McBee: DANIEL RUPP'S BOOK: 30,000 Names of Immigrants. Copied at SC Library, U. of S.C., 18 MAY 1974. Pg 344. Arrived 20 Oct 1754. Origin Amsterdam through Gosport on ship 'Snow Good Intent'. Was with Johannes Glueck on same ship. Believed to have been brothers. Left will in Warwick township, Lancaster Co., PA,
          c Elizabeth Cleek
          c John Cleek.  			b:  1755-1774  (1790 Census Lancaster Co.)

             Could have been the John who served in the Rev. War in VA, Then to Jefferson Co AL

          c Mary Cleek 

2  Michael Gluck
    w) Anna Magdalena Herr		m: Mar 19, 1738/39 Lohrhaupten, Hesse Ger.

2  Philip Gluck  

2  Margretha Gluck			b: Nov 30, 1707 Lohrhaupten, Hesse Ger.

2  Jacob Gluck				b: Dec 23, 1709 Lohrhaupten, Hesse Ger.
					d: May 11, 1756 Lohrhaupten, Hesse Ger.
     w) Elisabetha				b: Germany

          c Lorenz Gluck			b: Oct 10, 1743 Lohrhaupten, Hesse Ger.
          c Michael Gluck			b: Nov 12, 1743 Lohrhaupten, Hesse Ger.
             w) Margretha Emmerich		m: Jan 16, 1764 Lohrhaupten, Hesse Ger.
          c Maria Elisabetha Gluck		b: May 11, 1748 Lohrhaupten, Hesse Ger.
             h) Johannes Emmert		b: May 8, 1769  Lohrhaupten, Hesse Ger.

2  Johannes Gluech/Klick			b: Oct 29, 1715 Lohrhaupten, Hanau Ger.
					d: Mar 23, 1783 Berks Co PA

     w-1?) Anna Magdalena Herr		b: Oct 17, 1718
					m: April 28, 1744

               c Maria Elisabetha Gluck		b: Feb 14, 1745/46 Ger. 
               c Johann Georg Gluck		b: Jun 8, 1747 Ger. 
					d: Jun 30, 1747

     w-2) Magdalina Steigerwalt		b: Apr 23, 1724 in Ger.?
					d: Apr 23, 1790

               c Johann George Glick		b: Dec 24, 1749 Lohrhaupten, Hesse Ger.
	    w) Margaret Herr		b: 1751
	        c/c Sallie Glick
	          c/c Hannah Glick
	          c/c John Glick
	          c/c John Glick
	          c/c George Glick
	          c/c Thomas Glick		b: 1785 IL
	          c/c Catherine Glick
	          c/c Susan Glick
	          c/c Lydia Glick

	George & Phillip are listed as the oldest sons of John Klick in his will. George's
	birth record comes from a  family group sheet (LDS) that took it's data from
	the Glick History and Genealogy compiled by George H. Glick - 1915.

               c Johann Philip Gluck		b: Oct 6, 1751 Lohrhaupten, Hesse Ger.
					d: 1806 PA
	    w) Susanna
	         c/c Johathan Klick		b: Feb 1, 1794 Albany TWP Berks Co PA

               c Daniel Klick			b: 1752
	    w) Christina
	         c/c John Klick		b: Jan 14, 1786 Albany TWP Berks Co PA
	           c/c Salome Gluck		b: Nov 15, 1795 Albany TWP Berks Co PA
	                 Birth date taken from christening date from LDS records 

               c Henry Klick			b: dec 15, 1755
					d: Dec 19, 1804
	    w) Eva Catherine Strauser	b: 1756
					d: 1819
	         c/c Anna Magdalena Klick	b: June 20, 1779 Albany TWP Berks Co PA
	           c/c Margaretha Klick		b: Oct 19, 1787 Albany TWP Berks Co PA

               c David Glick			b: 1757 Berks CO PA.

               c Frederick Klick			b: 1759

               c Johannes Peter Klick		baptised Jan 27, 1768
					d: 1807 Fairfield Co OH
                  Baptism date taken from microfilm records of 2ndlog Allemaengel Church, Erected 1768.

	    w) Maria Barbara Shumaker	b: 1764
					d: 1830
	         c/c John Frederick Klick	b: Sept 25, 1792  Albany TWP Berks Co PA
	           c/c Benjamin Glick
From info gathered by Danny McBee: DANIEL RUPP'S BOOK: 30,000 Immigrants Pg. 344. Copied at S.C. Library, U. of S.C., 18 MAY 1974. Arrived Phildadelphia, 20 Oct 1754 on ship 'Snow Good Intent'. Origin Amsterdam through Gosport. Arrived with Philip, who is believed to be his brother. Names of wife and children come from his will written 14 Nov 1780 in Albany township, Berks Co., PA. It is unknown if Anna Magdalena Herr is the same as the Magdalena mentioned in Johannes' will written in 1780. Perhaps they are 2 different wives and are shown that way in this genealogy - courtesy of Danny McBee.

2   Anna Christina Gluck			b: Aug 30, 1717 Lohrhaupten, Hesse Ger.
     h) Georg Gluck????			m: April 28, 1744 Lohrhaupten, Hesse Ger.

2  Elisabetha Gluck			b: May 30, 1720 Lohrhaupten, Hesse Ger.