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Pictures courtesy of Kate Langston Foster
Clockwise, starting with Baby:

Ray		William		Sudie		Sidney		Amelia
Levering		Allen		Mae		Francis		Elvira
Langston		Langston		Click/Langston	Click		Eaton/Click

The baby is W. A. and Sudie's first child (b: Nov 1897), so this picture was probably taken in 1898 or 1899. The woman on the lower right (Amelia Eaton Click) is the Mother of Ruby Langston Foster's Mother (which is Sudie Click Langston, shown upper left.) The boy in the upper right is Amelia's youngest child or Sudie's youngest brother.

Check out the "do" on Great Grandpa W.A.'s head (above) ! Love that curl ! lol

Above is another PIC of Ray Levering Langston, Grandma Ruby's oldest brother (same baby as in first PIC.) I could have sworn this was a gril because of the skirt but Aunt Kate said all the children (girls and boys) wore these skirts till they got on up in age.

Above we have Sudie Click Langston on her 80th birthday.