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Pictures courtesy of Kate Langston Foster

Above is Robert Ishmael Foster and his wife Sarah Garwood. Parents of Willard E. Foster (Aunt Kates husband). Robert Ishmael is the brother of Grandpa Odell's father (Jesse Rynard). So Aunt Kate (Grandma Ruby's sister) married Grandpa Odell's 1st cousin. Got it? lol

Above, this PIC (as told by Aunt Kate) is one where he's actually older than the one above. She says he shaved off his beard after his wife Sarah died and I think it made him look a lot younger. She died in 1921. He was born in 1852. So he was 69 or older in this PIC.

Above is Sarah Garwood again. She seems to have a few grey hairs and in this one she has on glasses so I'm assuming, here too, she is older than the first PIC of them together.