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8 c/w-1   John William Click (never married)             b: 1854
                                                                                     d: April 26, 1935
8 c/w-2   Finnell B. Click                                            b: 1864
8 c/w-2   Salliee Click                                                 b: 1869
      h) W R Koontz
                                                                                     m: May 22 1882
8 c/w-2   Albert A Click                                              b: 1871
      w) Kate Fowler
                                                                                     m: Jan 1, 1884
8 c/w-2   Susan (Sudie) Mae Click                             b: Oct 25, 1874 in Jerusalem NC
                                                                                     d: May 8, 1952
      h) William Allen Langston                                     b: Mar 31, 1861 in Davie Co. NC
                                                                                     d: Mar 5, 1927
                                                                                     m: Aug 6, 1896
8 c/w-2   Charles Click                                                b: May 11, 1865
                                                                                     d: 1876
8 c/w-2   Edie (Edith) A. Click                                    b: 1878
      h) C F Grubbs
                                                                                     m: Nov 28, 1901
8 c/w-2   Un-named Twins                                           b: May 12, 1882
                                                                                     d: May 13 and 20 of 1882

9    Ray Levering Langston (never married)                 b: Nov 18, 1897
                                                                                     d: May 21, 1920
9    Sarah Ethel Langston                                              b: June 4, 1899
                                                                                     d: Mar 6, 1983
      h) Ray Alicen Thompson
9    Allen Wooley Langston                                          b: Mar 12, 1901
                                                                                     d: Aug 21, 1972
      w) Susan ?
9    Mabel Amelia Langston                                         b: Mar 20, 1903
                                                                                     d: Feb 26, 1986
      h) Marion A. Andrews
9    Tobitha Mae Langston                                            b: June 17, 1905
                                                                                     d: June 28, 1976 Rose Cem Mocksville
      h) Fred Crotts
9    Kate Loreen Langston                                             b: Mar 17, 1907
      h) Willard Egbert Foster                                        b: Mar 5, 1906
                                                                                     d: June 10, 2000
9    Hettie Lee Langston                                                b: May 2, 1909
      h) Erskin X. Heatherly
9    Charlie Cashwell Langston (twin)                          b: Jan 22, 1911
                                                                                     d: April 10, 1936
      w) Vauda Merrell (2nd Husband was a Minor)
9    Willie Wingate Langston (twin)                             b: Jan 22, 1911
                                                                                     d: June 6, 1993
      w-1) Thelma Barnes
      w-2) Polly Wood Cline
                                                                                     d: July 7, 1997
9    Ruby King Langston                                             b: Feb 24, 1913
      h) Mitchell Odell Foster                                         b: Aug 23, 1907
                                                                                     d: Nov 25, 1975 Fork Baptist Ch. Cem
                                                                                     m: Nov 29, 1929 York SC
9    Dallas Swaim Langston                                          b: Jan 16, 1916
      w) Edith Bawls
9    Joe Henry Langston                                                b: May 13, 1917
      w) Grace Smith?
9    Madge Grace Langston                                           b: May 22, 1919
                                                                                     d: 1996
      h-1) Gray Grubb (divorced)
      h-2) Bill Brandon

Other Lines

On Grandpa Odell's side

Odell's Fathers side:

Foster line represents Odell's Fathers Fathers line.

Owens/Caudle is Odell's Fathers Mothers line (Caudle is her Father). I haven't found much on the Caudles. I did however find bunches on Odell's Fathers Mothers Mothers line (Owens). So even if you are suppose to do the male lines once you get that far back I had to do this one since I had found so much. Hence they are combined. But you see what I mean about getting confusing? LOL

Odell's Mothers side:

Zimmerman is Odell's Mothers Fathers Line. I could call this Zimmerman/Shutt as well. Because the mother of this line (Odell's Mother's Mother) was a Shutt but I haven't found much on her yet so again, I just included what I did have on this one.

On Grandma Ruby's side:

Ruby's Fathers side:

Langston is Ruby's Fathers Fathers line. I haven't found a thing on Rubys Fathers Mothers yet. I'd welcome any help on this one!

Ruby's Mothers side:

Click is Ruby's Mothers Fathers line.

Eaton is Ruby's Mothers Mothers line.

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