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Welcome to my Pondering Pond

Please enjoy my links for knowledge and fun. But know that though I have represented other faiths in my religious links that have Jesus Christ in them, "I" am Christian. I merely love to learn about the history surrounding my Lord.

Now, I've started a new project!

My Pondering Pond will now include me hopping up on my "soapbox" on certain issues. Mainly issues that relate to Christian life, which I guess, includes everything. Feel free to email me with comments, questions, critisim or an issue you would like to see covered. Note: I am NOT a theologian! And God is ever teaching me and showing me truths. These are merely my own insights from where I am or was at the time of writing. And if he teaches me more on any subject I'll make ammendments and note the date. With that said... enjoy.

My Pondering Soapbox