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Mitchell Odell Foster - Mothers Fathers Line

(please refer to bottom of page for abbreviations, explanations and references)

0  Possible father is Heinrich Zimmerman?

1  Johann Christian Zimmerman		b: Nov 4, 1726 Hof, Nassau-Dillenburg, Germany
					 i: May 7, 1751 Arrived Philadelphia PA Sept 1726
					d: Mar 14, 1793 Friedberg  Moravian, Rowan Co
A piece on JOHANN CHRISTIAN ZIMMERMAN by Anthony Collins: Johann Christian Zimmerman was from a small village in Germany. His Moravian memoir in the Salem Diary March 1793, notes he was born 04 November 1726 at Hof, a small village in the province of Nassau-Dillenburg (northwest of Frankfurt, south of Siegen, and east of Bad Marienberg in the Westerwald mountains). Christian was brought up in the Reformed religion and received Holy Communion after reaching the required age. He worked in the local iron ore mines since he wasn't wealthy. He left his native country on 07 May 1751, during the Seven Year War with France, and arrived in the port of Philadelphia in late September of the same year, a four and half month journey. The passenger list for the Ship Neptune, Capt. James Wier, from Cowes, England and Rotterdam, Holland with 154 whole freights (adult passengers) aboard was qualified at the court house in Philadelphia on Monday, 23 September, 1751, and three Zimmerman's were listed: Johann Christian Zimmerman (who signed his name and matches the signature on his Will about thirty-nine years later), Henry Zimmerman (who signed his mark), and a second Johann Christian Zimmerman (who also signed his name). The next seven years are not documented, but it is presumed that our Christian was an indentured servant who had to work these years in Pennsylvania to pay for the ship passage, as often done by the financially handicapped; this experience was probably not pleasant, as he lists in his Will "And I do hereby firmly declare, that not one of my surviving children shall after my decease be bound out as a servant by my Executors or by any other person". Christian married Catharina Meyer, widow of Johannes Jans, on 04 May 1758 in Pennsylvania. No record of their marriage has been found, but probably occurred in Germantown, near Philadelphia. Catharina was born about 1739 in Germantown, the daughter of Matthaeus Meyer (who died about October 1740) and Anna Maria Barbara Binckele (born 01 June1722, remarried Valentine Frey in 1742 in Muddy Creek, Lancaster County PA, and died 07 January 1791 and is buried at Salem Moravian).Christian and Catharina moved to North Carolina in 1758 and settled near the future Friedberg Meeting House. Moravian records state the family was forced to flee to the fort at Bethabara in 1760 for several months during the Cherokee Indian hostilities, being invited there by Moravian Brother August Gottlieb Spangenberg, due to an attack on nearby Fort Dobbs in February and Indians being seen near Bethania. (The 1759 Rowan Co., NC Tax List has Christian Zimmerman). A map of "Wachovia or Dobbs Parish" drawn in February 1766 by Christian Gottlieb Reuter shows the family lived southeast of Friedberg Meeting House on the south side of Frey's Creek, adjacent to and east of the Adam Spach land. The new State of North Carolina issued two land grants to Christian Simmerman: No. 1218 for 500 acres on south side of Fry's Creek, entered 05 November 1778 and issued 25 October 1786, and No. 1501 for 70 acres on the north side of Fry's Creek to the Wachovia line, entered 01September 1781 and issued 09 August 1787. Christian and Catharina joined the Friedberg Society (organized in 1771) on 27 October 1782, and were received into the Friedberg congregation on 26 December 1783. Christian felt himself unworthy of attending Holy Communion, but Catharina first attended on 05 April1787. Christian and Catharina were the parents of thirteen children (and probably one stillborn child), all born at Friedberg: All of the children were listed in Christian Zimmerman's Will dated 12 March 1790, except Anna, who died young. All of the children's names agree, except Matthaeus Samuel, who was baptized in 1786 as Martin Samuel and is also listed the same in Christian's Will. Christian died three years later on 14 March 1793,overcome by a violent attack of asthma, and is buried at Friedberg Moravian Church Cemetery. Have seen file that lists Heinrich Zimmerman as father of Johann Christian Zimmerman but no sources were given.

    w) Catharina Meyer			b: Oct 1, 1739 Germantown, Philadelphia Co PA
					d: May 13, 1808 Bethania, Stokes Co
					m: May 4. 1758 Germantown, Philadelphia Co PA
Notes from Internet site: There is two different databases with her given name as "Anna Catharina" About 1741 her Father died and her mother moved to Monacacy PA. In 1742 Mother remarried Valentine Frey and then in 1749 Moved to Heidelberg, Berks Co. PA. In 1753 they lived in Bethlehem for about four weeks. There is a note of a marriage to Johann Jansen but I don't know if it was for daughter or mother or when. When Christian died she lived with her son Daniel.

          w/f) Matthaeus Meyer		b: 1720
					d: Oct 1740-42 Germantown, Philadelphia Co PA
          w/m) Anna Maria Barbara Binckele	b: June 1, 1722 Alsace, Germany
					d: Jan 6/7, 1790/91 Winston Salem
					m: 1739  PA

	     c Elizabeth Meyer		b: Feb. 25. 1741 Muddy Creek, Lancaster, PA
					d: June 21, 1814 Bethlehem, Northampton, PA
   	         h) Daniel Hauser		b: Mar 11, 1743/44 Conewage, York, PA
					d: May 19, 1812 Bethlehem, Northampton, PA
					m: June 8, 1772 Moravian Ch. Bethlehem, PA

            h-2 for AMBB) Johann Valenin Frey	b: May 9, 1721
					d: Sept 13. 1798
	            				m: May 1742

	w/m/f) Johannes Binggeli`(Binckele)	b: 1695 Guggisberg, Bern, Switzerland
	w/m/m) Anna Barbara Landis	b: abt 1697
           		 c Anna Binckele
          		 c Hans Binckele		b: 1718
          		 c Felix Binckele		b: 1732 Germany
           		 c Christian Binckele	b: 1738 Germany
           		 c Henry Binckele		b: 1745

                  w/m/m/f Felix Landis		b: 1672
					d: 1739 E. Lampeter Twp, Lancaster, PA
                  w/m/m/m Rosina Weltner	b: abt 1675
		      c Felix Landis		b: 1708
		      c Barbara Landis	b: abt 1710
		      c Fronica Landis	b: abt 1712

2  Margaretha Barbara Zimmerman		b: Feb 9, 1759 Friedberg, Rowan Co
					d: Oct 9, 1844 Stokes Co
(Donated land to Nazareth Luth. Ch.)

    h) Johann Heinrich Petree (Petry)		b: Nov 6, 1755 Berks Co PA
					d: May 6, 1804 Stokes Co

2  Johannes Zimmerman			b: Sept 23, 1756 Friedberg, Rowan Co
					d: Nov 15, 1807 Germanton, Stokes Co
    w) Rosina Hoehns			b: Nov 11, 1758 York Co PA
					d: Mar 29, 1825 Friedberg, Davidson Co
					m: Aug 29, 1786 Salem, Stokes Co

2  Christian Zimmerman			b: Mar 25, 1762 Friedberg, Rowan Co
					d: before July 2, 1836
    w-1) Sara Frey				b: Oct 10, 1766 Friedberg, Rowan Co
					d: Sept 16, 1786 Friedberg Moravian Rowan Co
					m: May 9, 1786
    w-2) Catharina Wesner			b: Jan 11, 1768 Emmaus, Lehigh Co PA

2  Benjamin David Zimmerman		b: Nov 13, 1763 Friedberg, Rowan Co
					d: before 1850 Emanuel's Luth Lincoln Co NC
    w) Elisabeth Reinhardt			b: abt 1771
					d: after 1850 Lincoln Co NC
					m: Aug 1, 1789 Lincoln Co NC

2  Anna Susanna Zimmerman		b: Oct 15, 1765 Friedberg, Rowan Co
					d: Jan 26, 1837 Friedland, Stokes Co
    h-1) Casper Gunther			d: abt 1785
					m: about 1784
    h-2) Conrad (Green) Kroehn		b: Oct 13, 1763 Broadbay, ME
					d: Apr 17, 1826 Friedland, Stokes Co
					m: Feb 28, 1786

2  Regina Elisabeth Zimmerman		b: Sept 7, 1767 Friedberg, Rowan Co
					d: July 23, 1844 Bethania Moravian, Stokes Co 
    h-1) Jacob Miller			b: July 19, 1761 Heidelberg, Berks Co PA
					d: Jan 24, 1803 Bethania, Stokes Co
    h-2) Johann Heinrich Krieger		b: June 24, 1753
					d: June 3, 1828 Bethania, Stokes Co

2  Matthaeus Samuel Zimmerman		b: June 28, 1769 Friedberg, Rowan Co
					d: about 1835 Princeton, Gibson Co IN
    w-1) Elisabeth Butts			b: about 1779 Lincoln Co NC
					d: before 1815 Lincoln Co NC
					m: Oct 3, 1796 Lincoln Co NC
    w-2) Susanna Butts (1st wife's sister)	b: about 1787  Lincoln Co NC
					d: about 1838 Princeton, Gibson Co IN

2  Catharina Zimmerman			b: Jan 18, 1771 Friedberg, Rowan Co
					d: Oct 8, 1843 Salem Moravian
    h) Johann Adam Fischel			b: Nov 4, 1768 York Co PA
					d: July 30, 1843 Salem, Stokes Co

2  Joseph Zimmerman			b: Sept 5, 1772 Friedberg, Rowan Co

2   Daniel Thomas Zimmerman		b: Jan 8, 1774 Friedberg, Rowan Co
					d: June 6, 1855 Friedberg, Davidson Co
    w) Elizabeth Knauss			b: Jan 22, 1777 Emaus, Northhampton Co PA
					d: Jan 10, 1814 Elbaville Ch Friedberg Rowan Co
					m: Nov. 28, 1797  Davie Co 

2  Sarah Zimmerman			b: Mar 10, 1777 Friedberg, Rowan Co
					d: Oct 19, 1843 Salem Moravian Cem
    h) Johannes Beroth			b: Mar 26, 1772
					d: Jan 7, 1831 Salem Moravian Cem
					m: Mar 18, 1806 Salem

2  Anna Zimmerman			b: Dec 20, 1780 Friedberg, Rowan Co
					d: Dec 21, 1781 Friedberg, Rowan Co

2  Christina Zimmerman			b: Mar 10, 1782 Friedberg, Rowan Co
					d: Mar 16, 1829 Bethania Moravian Cem
    h) Johannes Shultz			b: Nov 16, 1772 near Bethania
					d: Dec 2, 1840 Bethania Moravian Cem

3  Sarah Zimmerman			b: Oct 10, 1798

3  Elizabeth Zimmerman			b: July 23, 1800

3   Thomas Daniel Zimmerman		b: Sept 21, 1802 Friedberg, Rowan Co
					d: May 1851 Elbaville Unt Meth Ch Davie Co
   w)Susanna ?				b: abt 1804 Davidson Co
					d: 1870 - 1880 Elbaville Unt Meth Ch Cem Davie
					m: Rowan/Davie Co

3  Anna Susanna Zimmerman		b: Nov 6, 1805
					d: July 17, 1886
    h) David Todd				b: abt 1805
					d: 1864

3  George Zimmerman			b: Jan 5, 1809
					d: Aug 31, 1875
    w) Elizabeth Linker			b: Feb 4, 1815
					d: Oct 10, 1865

3  David Zimmerman			b: Mar 4, 1811
					d: 1888
    w) Nancy N. Campbell			b: Dec 14, 1805
					m: Feb 27, 1836 Stokes Co

4   Daniel Zimmerman			b: Jan 12, 1828
					d: Oct 27 1900 Elbaville Unt Meth Ch Davie
    w-1) Margaret Phillips			d: 1862-1866
					m: June 9, 1852 Davie Co

    w-2)Phoebe J Shutt 			b: July 1841?
					d: April 13, 1914 Elbaville Unt Meth Ch Davie
					m: June 16, 1865
           w-2/f) Christian (Schott) Shutt	b: Aug 22, 1794  Forsyth Co
					d: July 3, 1868 Unt Meth Ch Cem Advance
           w-2/m)Chatarina (Katy Pickle) Boeckel	b: Dec 22, 1798  Forsyth Co
					d: before 1850
					m: April 9, 1819  Forsyth Co
	w/f/f) Johann Jacob Schott		b: Feb 12, 1748 Zweibruecken, Germany
					d: July 8, 1821 Hopewell Morav Ch Forsyth Co
	w/f/m) Elizabeth Barrier/Berger	b: Oct 18, 1754 
					d: Nov 11, 1821  Forsyth Co
					m: Oct 23, 1772  Davie Co

4  Anna Eliza Zimmerman	 		b:  Aug 29, 1829
					d: Oct 8, 1901 Elbaville Unt Meth Ch Davie Co
    h) Hiram Byerly				b: Oct 25, 1831 near Advance Davie Co
					d: June 22, 1911 Elbaville Unt Meth Ch Davie Co

4  Sally Zimmerman			b: 1832

4  Elizabeth Anne Zimmerman		b: 1835
					d: Feb 3, 1922

4  Jackson Zimmerman			b: Dec 12, 1840

4  Susan Zimmerman			b: abt 1844
    h) Matthew 5 Markland			b: 1830
					d: 1903

5  c/w-1	Fanny S. L. Zimmerman		b: 1853

5  c/w-1	Jounious M. Zimmerman		b: 1854

5  c/w-1 David C. Zimmerman		b: 1856

5  c/w-1	Henry Jackson Zimmerman		b: 1858

5  c/w-1 John Peoples Zimmerman		b: 1858

5  c/w-1 Eliza R. Zimmerman		b: 1863

5  c/w-2 Ida Alzena Zimmerman		b: April 5, 1866
					d: before 1900

5  c/w-2 Martha Jane Zimmerman		b: Oct 14, 1867
					d: Nov 15, 1867

5  c/w-2 Cicero Columbus Zimmerman	b: July 19, 1870
					d: Nov 16, 1948
              w) Mittie Ann Beeding		b: Jan 14, 1879
					d: June 11, 1956
					m: July 19, 1870

5  c/w-2 Emma V. Zimmerman		b: Aug 13, 1872
              h) William Nathaniel (Nat) Sidden	b: Sailsbury, Rowan Co

5  c/w-2  Susan Carrie Zimmerman	b: Oct 27, 1875  Davie Co
					d: Dec 3, 1957  Davie Co
              h) Jesse Rynard Foster		b: Nov 24, 1872  Davie Co
					d: Jan 4, 1959 Fork Bapt Ch Cem Davie Co
					m: Jan 30, 1894  Davie Co

5  c/w-2 Lelia Luella Zimmerman		b: July 26, 1877
					d: Nov 2, 1917
              h) Mitchell Foster

5  c/w-2 Minnie May Zimmerman		b: April 25, 1879
					d: April 22, 1949
              h) Early Edwards Mize		b: June 10, 1874
					d: April 10, 1946

5  c/w-2 Daniel Alexander Zimmerman	b: Mar 9, 1881?
					d: 1898

5  c/w-2 Cora Gertrude Zimmerman		b: Mar 9, 1881?
					d: May 7, 1963
              h-1)Marshall Sain
              h-2) William A. Frye		b: Mar 19, 1887
					d: June 27, 1957

6  Raymond L. Foster			b: May 6, 1895
					d: Nov. 2, 1897

(From the Family Bible, but can't be right because of Arthur Vestal's birth date)

6  Arthur Vestal Foster			b: Oct 2,1895

6  Daniel Jennings				b: Mar 8, 1897
					d: Oct 19, 1932

6  Berthy M (Mae?) Foster			b: Aug 16, 1897?

(From the Family Bible, but can't be right because of Daniel Jennings birth date)

6  Dewey Cloetas Foster			b: Aug 24, 1898

6  Lonnie E. Foster			b: Nov 17, 1899
					d: April 18, 1900

6  Rynard Alexander (Alic?) Foster		b: May 12, 1900

					d: May 29, 1912
6  Sadie Ovella Foster			b: July 6, 1902
    h) Mr. Benfield ?

6  Gurla (Gurley) Loice Foster		b: July 10, 1905
    h) Frank Wyatt
6  Mitchell Odell Foster			b: Aug 23, 1907 
					d: Nov 25, 1975 Fork Bapt Ch Cem 
    w) Ruby King Langston 			b: Feb 24, 1913 Davie Co
					m: Nov 29, 1929 York SC

6  Liddie Sue Foster			b: Sept 3, 1911

6  Gilmer Nathaniel Foster			b: Sept 3, 1913
    w) Clara Mae

Gilmer has his picture represented on the opening page of the family tree.

6  Elik or Alec? Foster 			found note that died at age 12?

I colored my links Wine... in here underlining does not neccessarily mean a link.
P	=     When you see a wine colored "P" click to take you to a pic page for the individual
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CFC	=     Click Family Cemetery
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i:	=     immigration date
b:	=     birth
d:	=     death
m:	=     married
c	=     child
w)	=     wife
h)	=     husband
w/f)	=     wife's father 
w/m	=     wife's mother
h/f	=     husbands father
h/m	=     husbands mother
w/f/f	=     wife's father's father
w/f/m	=     wife's father's mother
h/f/f	=     husband's father's father
h/f/m	=     husband's father's mother
abt	=     about, usually an educated guess from information acquired

Unless otherwise noted Cemeteries are found in Davie Co. NC. Unless unknown. 

"The Heritage of Rowan County, North Carolina" - ?
"A Concise History of Fork Baptist Church" - Wilson Merrell
"History of Davie County" -Wall
Records also used from Register of Deeds Office in both Davie and Rowan Counties.
Various genealogy sites on the Internet.
Library resources include: Marriage Records, Birth Records, Census Records and genealogy records from Davie and Rowan Counties.

Some notes came from other individuals doing research on Family Line. Like I personally have never seen the Wyatt Bible, the Foster Bible or the Eaton Bible that some of these notes are reported to come from.

Other Lines

On Grandpa Odell's side:

Odell's Fathers side:

Foster line represents Odell's Fathers Fathers line.

Owens/Caudle is Odell's Fathers Mothers line (Caudle is her Father). I haven't found much on the Caudles. I did however find bunches on Odell's Fathers Mothers Mothers line (Owens). So even if you are suppose to do the male lines once you get that far back I had to do this one since I had found so much. Hence they are combined. But you see what I mean about getting confusing? LOL

Odell's Mothers side:

Zimmerman is Odell's Mothers Fathers Line. I could call this Zimmerman/Shutt as well. Because the mother of this line (Odell's Mother's Mother) was a Shutt but I haven't found much on her yet so again, I just included what I did have on this one.

On Grandma Ruby's side:

Ruby's Fathers side:

Langston is Ruby's Fathers Fathers line. I haven't found a thing on Rubys Fathers Mothers yet. I'd welcome any help on this one!

Ruby's Mothers side:

Click is Ruby's Mothers Fathers line.

Eaton is Ruby's Mothers Mothers line.

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