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Mitchell Odell Foster - Fathers Mothers Line
(Owens / Caudle)

(please refer to bottom of page for abbreviations, explanations and references)

?  Howell AP Gronwy

Unsure of this name but a few sources had him as father to David Howell

0   David AP Howell			b: abt 1540 in Of Llwyngwrill, Montgomery, Wales
    w) Mary Verch Hugh Sion Bedo		b: abt 1544 in Of Llwyngwrill, Montgomery Wales
					m: before 1560

1   David AP Hugh			b: 1566  Wales
    w) Catherine Verch Rhydderch Sion 	b: 1570 - 1575
					m: abt 1599  Llwyngwril, Merioneth Wales
         (w/f) Sion (John) AP Rhydderch	b: 1548  Talley, Carmarthen Wales
         (w/f/f) AP Rhydderch			b: 1522  Talley, Carmarthen Wales

2  Humphrey AP Hugh			b: 1592  Wales
					d: Sept 21, 1697  Wales
    w) Elizabeth Verch John			b: 1593 - 1607  Gadfa Rhiwargor, Llanwyddn Montgomeryshire
					m: 1620 - 1628

2  John AP Hugh

2  David 2 AP Hugh

3  Owen(s) Humphrey Esquire		b: 1629 - 1660  Llangelugan Prsh, Talybont Merionethshire
					d: Mar 22, 1699
    w) Margaret Vaughan			b: April 13, 1629 Llangelynn, Montgomeryshire Wales
					m: 1653  Wales

3  Samuel Humphrey

3  John Humphrey

3  Catherine AP Hugh

3  Anne Ferch AP Hugh

3  Hugh AP Hugh

4  Humphrey and John Owings (twins)	b: Feb 1653/54  Wales... 
					d: same month

4  Richard 1 Owings (Capt.)		b. 1660 - 1662  Llwyn-du, Liwyngwril, Llangelynin, Merioneth
					d. Nov 14, 1716  Baltimore Co MD
					i. Nov 1683 immigrated from Philadelphia, PA
Richard Owings was in Anne Arundel County, MD by 1685. It is not known when Richard left England for America but he probably brought his wife, Rachel, and his infant daughter, also Rachel, with him as well as a younger sister, Margaret Owings, who at once married John Acton. Acton was a boat-wright, it is presumed that Owings and Acton worked together until the latter's death in 1688 (his wife having predeceased him). On 18 Oct. 1697 he was appointed by the Governor and Council, on advice of the Assembly, to command, with the rank of Captain, the Ranger Fort at the Little Falls of the Potomac, then in Prince George's County and on the site of present Georgetown, D.C. He served until May 1701, when the Ranger establishment was discontinued. He was a carpenter in Anne Arundel Co., MD. In 1702 moved to the address of 1701 North Patapsco Hundred, Baltimore, MD.

    w) Rachel Beale (Bale)			b: 1676  England
					d: May 27, 1729  Baltimore Co MD
					m: abt 1682  Great Britian ?
         w/f) Robert Pugh Bale/Beale
         w/m) Elizabeth ?

4  Margaret Owings			b: 1662
    h) John Acton

4  John Owings				b: 1658

4  Henry (Harry?) Owings			b: aft 1670

4  Owen (Rowland?) Owings 		b: abt 1660

4  Humphrey Owings			b: 1656

4  ? Rebecca Owings			b: 1664

4  ? Joshua Owings			b: 1666

4  ? Elizabeth Owings

5  Rachael Owings			b: abt 1683/84
    h) John Willmott			b: abt 1682/83
					d: 1748

John Wilmott, Jr. was a vestryman of St. Paul's Church, Baltimore, MD 1714/15. He lived with his family on a plantation on Gunpowder River in Back River Hundred. The area eventually became St. Thomas Parish in 1742.

5  Catherine 1 Owings			b: abt 1686 moved to Bourbon KY
    h) James Wells 			b: 1765 

5  Richard 2 Owings 
    w) Sarah Hart				b: 1688

5  Henry Owings				b: abt 1690  Anne Arundel Co MD
					d: 1764  Baltimore Co MD
    w) Hellen Stinchcomb			b: abt 1696  Baltimore Co MD
					d: June 1784
					m: abt 1719
         w/f) Nathaniel Stinchcomb 
         w/m) Hannah Randall
Hellen looks to be the sister of Capt. John Stinchcomb since it is mentioned his daughter (married to Elijah Owings) married her first cousin and Hellen and John are both children of Nathaniel Stinchcomb. [see notes on Elijah Owings]
5  John Owings 		 		b: 1693/94
    w) Hannah Stinchcomb 			d: 1739
hummmm... possibly another sister of Capt. John Stinchcomb? He did name one of his daughters Hannah.
5  Ruth Owings				b: 1696
					d: 1732
    h) John Norwood			d: 1732

5  Robert Owings				b: 1698 - 1700
    w) Hannah Farquher

5  Samuel Owings			b: April 1, 1702  Garrison Forest, Baltimore Co MD
					d: April 6, 1775  Baltimore Co MD
    w-1) Ariana Dorsey 
    w-2) Urath Randall			b: Jan 1, 1713
					d: Dec 5, 1792
					m: Jan 15, 1729 St. Thomas Parrish, Garrison Forest MD

5  Joshua Owings				b: 1704
    w) Mary Cockey			b: 1716

5  Eleanor Owings			b: 1706

6  Michel Owings (never married)		b: before 1715  MD
					d: 1787

6  Elijah Owings				b: 1719  Long Acre, Baltimore MD
					d: Jan 1805  Rowan/Davie Co 
From an excerpt of a manuscript by Dr. Donnell M. Owings, Dept of History, Univ. of OK; " ELIJAH OWINGS OF DAVIE COUNTY, NC. - Elijah was the oldest son of Henry Owings of "Long Acre" in Baltimore Co. MD. Born abt 1719 and died Jan 1805 (?). He married in Baltimore Co. MD about 1757, his first cousin, Hannah, daughter. of Captain John Stinchcomb (son of Nathaniel) of St. John's Parish. Hannah died prior to 1810. In 1754 Elijah Owings settled on 100 acres of "Howard's Fancy" in Baltimore Co., (the property of his half cousin, Charles Howard) where he lived during his residence in MD. He also purchased of Samuel Howard of Anne Arundel Co. on Jan 14, 1765 "The Lucky Adventure", 250 acres on the west side of Owyan's Falls in Baltimore. On May 3, 1766 he sold this tract to Clement Brooke and moved to NC with his brother, Bazeleel Owings, his brother-in-law, Norman Stinchcomb, and several members of the Howard family. He there purchased of Charles Hunter, 26 sep 1766, 520 acres of No Creek, in that part of Rowan Co. which became Davie Co. in 1835. To this Mr. Owings added 225 acres on Dutchman's Creek in the fork of the Yadkin River, which he patented, 20 Mar 1799. In Nov 1801, he sold 50 acres to his son, John. By will he bequeathed his house and orchard, with 50 acres of land, to his wife, Hannah, with reversion to his son, Henry and divided the remainder of his No Creek plantation, in roughly equal portions already laid out, among his sons; Henry, Norman, and Bezeleel. Elijah and Hannah Owings had 10 children."

    w) Hannah Stinchcomb (1st Cousins)	b: Jan 10, 1739/40  St. Pauls Parish, Baltimore, MD
					d: 1804 - 1810  Davie Co 
					m: abt 1757  Baltimore Co MD
            w/f)  John Stinchcomb Capt.	b: abt 1710 MD
            w/m) Katherine Maccleane		b: abt 1710 MD
					m: July 23, 1733 St Pauls Parrish MD
	c Norman Stinchcomb		b: Sept 26, 1735
	c Sarah Stinchcomb		b: April 23, 1737 St Pauls Parrish MD
	c John Stinchcomb		b: July 6, 1739
	c Nathaniel Stinchcomb		b: Mar 22, 1741/42
	c Anna Stinchcomb		b: Sept 2, 1745
	c William Stinchcomb		b: Nov 11, 1746 St Pauls Parrish MD
	c Aquilla Stinchcomb		b: May 7, 1749
	    w/f/f)  Nathanial Stinchcomb
	    w/f/m) Hannah Randall (taken from notes for Hellen Stinchcomb, "Henry Owings" wife)
John was listed as a commissioner along with Azariah Pack, Reason Pack, John Caton, and John March Jr. in the March Court 1810. Note: The origin of the name "Stinchcomb" is attributed to descendants who came from the small town of Stinchcombe, Gloucestershire, UK; a very small town neither shown nor listed in most atlases. "Comb(e)" means dweller at the deep hollow or valley. Stinchcomb is a very small town in a bowl shaped valley.
6  Bazeleel Owings			b: 1720 - 1726 MD
					d: 1790  Baltimore Co MD
    w)unknown				m: Oct 26, 1789
Moved to NC in 1766. Was not actually found mentioned in his father's will. He probably means he died before his father according to records found.
6  Henry Owings				b: 1729 MD
					d: Dec 1813  MD
    w-1) Amelia ?				m: about 1765
    w-2) Mary Baker			m: Dec 13, 1800  Baltimore Co MD

6  Nathaniel Owings			b: about 1731  Baltimore Co MD
					d: Nov 4, 1788  Queen Car Parish, Anne Arundel, MF+D
    w) Urath Kelley				m: Jan 7, 1763 

6  Leah Owings 				b: 1727   Baltimore Co MD
					d: Jan 20, 1815  Steubenville, OH
    h) Alexander Wells			b: 1727
					m: July 12, 1751- 53  Garrison Forest, Baltimore Co MD

6  Hellen Owings				b: 1737  Baltimore Co MD
    h) George Scott

7  Helen Owings				b: 1750
					d: before 1804
    h) John Roberts (Robards)		m: Feb 22, 1779  Rowan/Davie Co 

7  Catherine 2 Owings			b: abt 1758
    h) Lawrence Robards			m: abt 1781  Rowan/Davie Co 

7  John Owings				b: 1758  Baltimore Co MD
					d: May 15, 1815  Rowan/Davie Co 
Lived in Maryland, Dutchman Creek area on father's land. On 11/17/1801 he purchased 145 acres on Dutchman's Creek from his father.
    w) Aphra/Afrey Foster			b: before 1762
					d: after 1830
					m: April 12, 1790  Rowan  
7  Norman Owings			b: abt 1762
					d: 1831  Rowan/Davie Co 
    w) Edith (Edey) Felps (Phelps)		m: Mar 9, 1791

7  Bezeleel Ownings 			b: abt 1766 
					d: Nov 1826
Bezeleel, means Shadow of God. He was in the Military during the Revolutionary War. He inherited 160 acres of his fathers land on No Creek, Davie Co., NC, which he bequeathed to his sons, Robert and Norman Owings. They in turn sold it in 1837 to their kinsman, Samuel Foster.
    w) Edith Foster 			m: Oct 26, 1789
					d: before 1820  Rowan/Davie Co

7  Hannah Owings			b: abt 1770
    h) John Baxter				m: April 13, 1792  Rowan/Davie Co 

7  Henry Owings 				b: abt 1774  Rowan/ Davie Co 
					d: 1817  Rowan/Davie Co 
Under the terms of his fathers will he inherited 100 acres on No Creek, with reversion, on his mother's death of 750 acres (additional) whereon stood the family homestead and the orchard. All of this land he in turn bequest to his wife with reversion to their children.
    w) Elizabeth Monroe (Munroe)		m: 1810 
					d: Nov 1824

7  Sarah Owings				b: abt 1776
					d: was living and single as of 1804

7  Michal Owings				b: abt 1776
					d: before 1804

7  Leah Owings				b: 1777 -  1780  Rowan/Davie Co 
					d: Oct 9, 1847  Cherry Hill, 
    h) Jesse Tatum 			b: 1775-1777  VA
					m: Mar 19, 1810  Rowan/Davie Co 

8  John Owings				b: 1791
    w) Rachel Job				d: still living in 1820
					m: Oct 11, 1813  Davie Co 

8  James William Owings			b: June 9, 1792  Rowan/Davie Co 
					d: Jan 16, 1879 French Cem Frankton, Madison Co IN 
He was in Military Service in the War of 1812 out of NC. He served in Capt. John Frost's company, NC Regiment of Militia, from Feb. 1, 1813 until his discharge for illness in May or June of the same year. In 1831 he moved with his family from Davie County, NC to the vicinity of Frankton, Lafayette Township, Madison County, Indiana. He lies buried with his wife and several children in the French Family ground at Frankton.
    w) Mary (Polly) Patrick			b: Sept 15, 1791  NC
					d: Dec 7, 1874  IN
					m: Dec 20, 1811  Rowan/Davie Co 

8  Elizabeth Owings			b: 1794
    h) John Henline 			b: 1785  Rowan Co 
					m: Feb 19, 1810  Rowan Co 

8  Catherine 3 Owings			b: 1795  Rowan/Davie Co 
					d: 1866  Davie Co 
    h) Ishamael Caudle			b: abt 1790  Rowan/Davie Co 
					d: June 23, 1836  Cherry Hill Luth Ch Cem (or) Fork Bapt Ch? 
					m: Aug 25, 1810  Rowan/Davie Co  
His age in 1800 census is 10 to 16 making probable birth date 1785 to 1790. Ishmael was listed as the head of a family on the 1820 census Rowan, NC. Ishmael was also listed as the head of a family on the 1830 census Rowan, NC. In 1830 there were four boys listed in the census.
Properties bought in Davie (Rowan) 25 June 1824-Squire Harword to Ishmael Caudell, 81 acres S. side of Yadkin on Booth's Mill Creek. Nov 1824-Another 32 acres to Ishmael next to the 81 acres south side of Yadkin on Booth's Mill Creek. Sep 1831- (McCubbins Collection) "_______ - no wife signs - lets Ishmael Caudell have all his rights in the 145 acres which descended to him as the heir of deceased ________, being two share (one which he heired & the other which he bought but went to Caudell by his wife). for $95. 1832- Another145 acres next to the above the 645 acres bought back by Ishmael on Dutchman's Creek which had descended to Laurence Owings from his father, John Owings) This second 145 acres is part of the land upon which deceased John Owings formerly lived. Oct 1832-Meremey ...lets Ishmael Caudell have 145 acres on Dutchman's Creek. (This land descended from John Owings to his son Laurence Owings and was bought at sale by Mereney)
         h/f) Buckner 1 Caudle 		b: before 1755  Chatham, NC
					d: 1823 - 1836  Davie Co 
Buckner Caudle was listed as the head of a family on the 1790 Census in Hillsborough District, Chatham NC. Buckner's birth date of before 1755 is based on the age of 45 and up in the 1800 census - Rowan Co., NC. Buckner was listed as the head of a family on the 1820 Census Rowan, NC
         h/m) Elizabeth ?			b: before 1750
This is all I could find on the Caudle family at this time so this is why I chose to pursue the Owens line.

8  Lawrence Owings			b: 1797 
					d: ? living in Rowan/Davie in 1830

8  Thomas Baxter Owings			b: Aug 29, 1824  Davie Co 
    w) Eleanor Coon			b: private
					m: Aug 29, 1824  Rowan/Davie Co 

8  Richard Felps Owings 			b: Jan 12, 1802
					d: Dec 25, 1856
    w-1) Margaret Rudacil 			d: Feb 17, 1891 buried at Society Ch. 
					m: Sept 5, 1840  Davie Co 
    w-2) ? 

9  Titus Caudle				b: abt 1811  Rowan/Davie Co 

9  John Caudle				b: abt 1812  Rowan/Davie Co 

9  Wilson Caudle				b: 1813  Rowan/Davie Co 

9  Ishmael 2 Caudle Jr.			b: May 17, 1817  Rowan/Davie Co 
					d: Mar 15, 1900 Cherry Hill Luth Ch Cem
Ishmael 2 was listed as head of family on the 1840 census Rowan/Davie Co., NC. Enumerated as Cudle, in dwelling # 439 in August 1850 census, Davie Co. age 33, farmer, Wife Eliza, age 32.
    w) Eliza Hightower			b: April 11, 1819  Davie Co 
					d: Sept 18, 1919? Cherry Hill Luth Ch Cem
					m: abt 1850

9  Candis Caudle * 			b: Dec 22, 1819 or 21 Davie Co 
					d: Dec 21, 1910  Fork Bapt Ch Cem
    h-1) Samuel Foster *			b: April 29, 1821  Rowan/Davie Co 
					d: Oct 18,  1905 Fork Bapt Ch Cem
					m: Mar 29, 1844  Davie Co 
Samuel's mother is the grand daughter of Capt. John Stinchcomb. The Stinchcomb family seems to like marring into this line.
9  Polly (Mary) Caudle			b: abt 1822  Rowan/Davie Co 
    h) Mr. Crotts?

9  Catherine Caudle			b: abt 1823   Rowan/Davie Co 
    h) Mr. Crotts?

9  Letitia Caudle 				b: May 18, 1824  Rowan/Davie Co 
					d: Aug 18 1896 Meth Ch  Fairdealing, Ripley Co, MO
    h) Alexander (Sandy) Cope 		b: Dec 20, 1823  Rowan/Davie Co 
					m: Jan 10, 1846  Davie Co 

9  Rhoda S. Caudle			b: Mar 15, 1826  Rowan/Davie Co 
					d: Nov 18, 1900 Fork Bapt Ch Cem
    h) John Ganon Foster			b: Feb 3, 1825  Davie Co 
					d: Mar 10, 1912 Fork Bapt Ch Cem
					m: Oct 10, 1849 at Fulton (by Henry Click)

9  Tabitha Caudle				b: abt 1821  Davie Co 
    h) Nathan Foster			b: 1828  Rowan/Davie Co 
					m: Nov 19, 1849  Davie Co 

9  Maria Caudle 				b: April 21, 1831  Davie Co 
					d: Jan 6, 1894  Davie Co 
    h) John Bailey 				b: abt 1829
					m: Oct 5, 1852  Davie Co 

9  Francis Marion Caudle			b: Aug 11, 1835  Davie Co 
    w) Jane S. Cope 			b: Feb 20, 1848
					m: July 15, 1865  Davie Co 

9  Lucy Caudle

10  Henry Lewis/Louis Foster 	 	b: Sept 28, 1850  Davie Co 
					d: Oct 2, 1901 Fork Bapt Ch Cem (Family Bible says Oct. 1, 1900)
      w) Bettie E. Davis 			d: Mar 30, 1935 Fork Bapt Ch Cem
					m: Jan 21, 1875

10  P - Robert Ishmael Foster 		b: Mar 17, 1852  Davie Co 
					d: Jan 13, 1936 Fork Bapt Ch Cem 
      w) P - Sarah (Sally) Caroline (E) Garwood b: Oct 8, 1857  Davie Co 
					d: Dec 6, 1921  Davie Co 
					m: Dec 18, 1884

10  Daniel G. Foster			b: Dec 11, 1853  
					d: Oct 1, 1929 (Foster Bible has death Feb 28, 1931)
Moved around 1875 to Tenn.

      w) Ella Weston (Bible has as Wesson)	m: Sept

10  Mary Catherine Foster			b: Jan 22, 1855  Davie Co 
					d: Feb 13, 1936 Fork Bapt Ch Cem
      h) Samuel J. Cope			b: April 29, 1852  Davie Co 
					d: Aug 31, 1932  Davie Co 
					m: Jan 11, 1883

10  Martha A. (or W.) Foster		b: July 28, 1858  Davie Co 
					d: Mar 2, 1950 Fork Bapt Ch Cem (Foster Bible has Feb 28, 1931)
      h) Frank A. Foster 			b: Aug 20, 1861  Davie Co 
					m: Nov.19, 1885 as per Bible
Martha and Frank were 1st cousins.

10  Michael L. Foster			b: 1859 - 1860
Listed in a Census w/ family in 1860, but not in Bible or any other source. May have died young.

10  Mitchell F. Foster 			b: Oct 12, 1859  Davie Co 
					d: Mar 26, 1942 Fairdealing, MO
His education was a B.A. from Wake Forest; Law Degree from U.N.C. Lawyer NC. His other occupations included a Merchant, family general store in Fairdealing and teacher at Tatumville & Newell, TN in late 1800's (school & Sunday school.) Mitchell was a lawyer who moved to Kinnett, Mo. His middle initial is "F". But also seen written as Lafayette. In the Foster Bible it's Lafayette. w-1) Peola E. Barfield b: Aug 8, 29, 1878 d: Oct 12, 1918 Fairdealing, MO m: Mar 30, 1902 Fairdealing, MO Esther Maurine Foster Richardson (daughter) says she died in 1919. Bible stated 1918. Ola and 2 children (Eurant and Mabel Madge) died in the epidemic. Obit from THE PROSPECT, Doniphan, Ripley Co., MO. "Mrs. M.F. Foster died at her home in Fairdealing Saturday morning at??:00 o'clock of typhoid fever and the funeral was held at 3 o'clock p.m. Sunday. Rev. Jack Mitchell conducted services which were held in the M. E. Church. Mrs. Foster was a sister of Mrs. J. F. Fulbright of this city. Two of Mr. Foster's boys are sick with fever, one of them seriously."

      w-2) Nellie Pennington Slayton 		b: Jan 22, 1883
					d: about 1958  Fairdealing MO
					m: Apr 20, 1924  Fairdealing MO

10  Delia Louella Foster 			b: Jan 12, 1864 Davie Co  (Fam. Bible has 1863)
					d: Aug 6, 1938 Fork Bapt Ch Cem 
      h) Lewis Chalmer  (Charlie) Pack	b: Feb 5, 1861  Davie Co 
					d: Oct 18, 1935 Fork Bapt Ch Cem
					m: Aug or Sept13, 1883  Davie Co 

10  Emma E. Foster			b: Aug 26, 1867 (not listed in Foster Bible)

10  John Wesley Foster  (twin)		b: April 3, 1868  Davie Co 
					d: Jan 2, 1920 Fork Bapt Ch Cem 
      w) Mittie T Garwood  			b: April 22, 1874  Davie Co 
					d: Oct 15, 1957 Davie Co 
					m: Feb 6, 1892

10  James Franklin Foster  (twin)		b: April 3, 1868  Davie Co  
					d: Feb 10, 1940 Reeds Bapt Ch Cem
      w) Mittie (or Martha) S. Walser		b: Aug 4, 1875 
					d: Aug 8 - 19, 1911 Reeds Bapt Ch Cem
					m: Sept 26, 1893  Davie Co 
Here, James Franklin married Mittie, who's brother married James' Aunt Candis. Rhoda's (his Mom and our Ancestor's) sister. Plus we see yet another mention of a Stinchcomb. Interesting...
               w/f Benjamin Foster		b: 1796	
					d: 1836
	w/m) Elizabeth Stinchcomb 	m: Sept 26, 1817  Rowan Co 
	(daughter of John Stinchcomb Jr. Possible from the other Stinchcombs found in this line.) 

		c  Eliza/Elizabeth Foster
  		     h) Richard Bailey
		c  Mary Anne Foster
		     h) Alex Chaffin
		c  Samuel Foster *	b: April 29, 1821	d: Oct 18, 1905 
		     h) Candis Caudle * 	b: Dec 22, 1819	d: Dec 21, 1910
		c  Colman Foster
		     h) Minerva Call
		c  John Foster
		     h) Rebecca Wyatt

10  Jesse Rynard Foster			b: Nov 24, 1872  Davie Co 
					d: Jan 4, 1959 Fork Bapt Ch Cem (Fam. Bib. has Jan 5)
Was very active at Fork Baptist Church from 1911 to 1927 - "A Concise History of Fork Baptist Church" by Wilson Merrell.
      w) Susan Carrie Zimmerman 		b: Oct 27, 1875  Davie Co 
					d: Dec 3, 1957 Fork Bapt Ch Cem (Fam. Bib. has Dec 4)
					m: Jan 30, 1894  Davie Co 

11  Raymond L. Foster			b: May 6, 1895
					d: Nov. 2, 1897

(From the Family Bible, but can't be right because of Arthur Vestal's birth date)

11  Arthur Vestal Foster			b: Oct 2,1895

11  Daniel Jennings			b: Mar 8, 1897
					d: Oct 19, 1932

11  Berthy M (Mae?) Foster		b: Aug 16, 1897?

(From the Family Bible, but can't be right because of Daniel Jennings birth date)

11  Dewey Cloetas Foster			b: Aug 24, 1898

11  Lonnie E. Foster			b: Nov 17, 1899
					d: April 18, 1900

11  Rynard Alexander (Alic?) Foster		b: May 12, 1900
					d: May 29, 1912

11  Sadie Ovella Foster			b: July 6, 1902
      h) Mr. Benfield ?

11  Gurla (Gurley) Loice Foster		b: July 10, 1905
      h) Frank Wyatt

11  Mitchell Odell Foster			b: Aug 23, 1907 
					d: Nov 25, 1975 Fork Bapt Ch Cem 
      w) Ruby King Langston 		b: Feb 24, 1913  Davie Co 
					m: Nov 29, 1929 York SC

11  Liddie Sue Foster			b: Sept 3, 1911

11  Gilmer Nathaniel Foster		b: Sept 3, 1913
      w) Clara Mae

Gilmer has his picture represented on the opening page of the family tree.

11  Elik or Alec? Foster 			found note that died at age 12?

Now, you might have asked yourself jus what is AP and AB?

Well, I got this off the Internet: Surnames were not widely used until the Tudor period. Previously, a person was identified by describing him as "son of" his father ("ab" before a name beginning with a vowel, "ap" before a consonant or consonantal "i"), as in Dafydd ap Gwilym, Hywel ab Owain, Llywelyn ap Iorwerth. The later surnames were for the most part formed in one of two ways. The "ab" or "ap" could be fused with the father's name: "ab Owain", "ap Hywel", "ap Rhys", etc. became "Bowen", "Powel(l)", "Prys" (Preece, Price). Or more commonly the English possessive "s" was added to the father's name, as in Roberts, Williams, etc. Older "ap Ieuan" and "ap John" have given us not only "Johns" but in far too many instances "Jones". Medieval appellations which were not, strictly speaking, surnames - such as "Gwyn" or "Llwyd" have frozen into surnames - "Lloyd", "Gwyn(n)", "Gwynne", "Wyn(n)", "Wynne".

I colored my links Wine... in here underlining does not neccessarily mean a link.
P	=     When you see a wine colored "P" click to take you to a pic page for the individual
? 	=     Unsure of ... or Unknown
CFC	=     Click Family Cemetery
Co	=     County
i:	=     immigration date
b:	=     birth
d:	=     death
m:	=     married
c	=     child
w)	=     wife
h)	=     husband
w/f)	=     wife's father 
w/m	=     wife's mother
h/f	=     husbands father
h/m	=     husbands mother
w/f/f	=     wife's father's father
w/f/m	=     wife's father's mother
h/f/f	=     husband's father's father
h/f/m	=     husband's father's mother
aft	=     after
abt	=     about, usually an educated guess from information acquired

Unless otherwise noted Cemeteries are found in Davie Co. NC. Unless unknown. 

"The Heritage of Rowan County, North Carolina" - ?
"A Concise History of Fork Baptist Church" - Wilson Merrell
"History of Davie County" -Wall
Records also used from Register of Deeds Office in both Davie and Rowan Counties.
Various genealogy sites on the Internet.
Library resources include: Marriage Records, Birth Records, Census Records and genealogy records from Davie and Rowan Counties.

Some notes came from other individuals doing research on Family Line. Like I personally have never seen the Wyatt Bible, the Foster Bible or the Eaton Bible that some of these notes are reported to come from.

Other Lines

On Grandpa Odell's side:

Odell's Fathers side:

Foster line represents Odell's Fathers Fathers line.

Owens/Caudle is Odell's Fathers Mothers line (Caudle is her Father). I haven't found much on the Caudles. I did however find bunches on Odell's Fathers Mothers Mothers line (Owens). So even if you are suppose to do the male lines once you get that far back I had to do this one since I had found so much. Hence they are combined. But you see what I mean about getting confusing? LOL

Odell's Mothers side:

Zimmerman is Odell's Mothers Fathers Line. I could call this Zimmerman/Shutt as well. Because the mother of this line (Odell's Mother's Mother) was a Shutt but I haven't found much on her yet so again, I just included what I did have on this one.

On Grandma Ruby's side:

Ruby's Fathers side:

Langston is Ruby's Fathers Fathers line. I haven't found a thing on Rubys Fathers Mothers yet. I'd welcome any help on this one!

Ruby's Mothers side:

Click is Ruby's Mothers Fathers line.

Eaton is Ruby's Mothers Mothers line.

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