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Ruby King Langston Foster Fathers Fathers Line

(please refer to bottom of page for abbreviations, explanations and references)

1  William Henry Langston		b: abt 1825
					d: April 9, 1865 Eaton's Bapt Ch Cem
An excerpt from the "History of Davie County" by-Wall on Stoneman's Raiders; "Although Stoneman had forbidden pillaging and looting, roving bands of Stoneman's soldiers, as they passed though the county, carried on extensive robbing and plundering over an area several miles wide with at least one tragic result. Henry Langston, who lived in Northern Davie County, was murdered in his own house. It is said that disgruntled neighbors had told a Union raiding party that Langston had a fine gold watch; when Langston failed to convince them that he did not have the watch, they shot him in the presence of his family". Family stories told that he had been a guard at the Confederate Prison Camp in Salisbury NC and this was their true motive. This would seem likely because later in that excerpt from "History of Davie County" we find; "Stoneman was in a great hurry to get to Salisbury expecting to free the prisoners at the Confederate Prison, destroy the supplies stored there, and then go on to join Sherman…" It was also told that William Allen (maybe 4 or 5 at the time) stood beside him in the doorway when they shot Henry. After this they tore up the house, splitting up the bedding and overturning dressers looking for money and/or valuables. They stole fresh horses, food and various other items before finally leaving. The next day William Henry Langston died at 40 years old as per the grave stone.

    w)Sarah (Sallie) Michael			b: abt 1820-26
In the 1860 Census (the only one found with William Henry listed) she was 34 and he was 39. Since we know he was shot at age 40 and his tombstone reads April 9 1865, we assumed a birth year for Sarah of 1920. On Dec. 18, 1877 Sallie/Sarah married Charles Collet (b: 2/28/1815, d: 1/31.1889) she was 57 yrs. and he was 62 yrs as per the marriage records. Up til now we would assume a birth year of 1820. But the other Census ages showed her birth year to be 1825 or 26. Also, iIn 1860 Census she is listed as Sallie, in 1870 and 1880 Census's she is listed as Sarah.

2  McCommodore (Mack C.) Langston	b: April 29, 1856
					d: May 19, 1907
    w) Maggie Clodfelter			b: Aug 28, 1875
					d: Feb 14, 1967

2  Mary J. Langston			b: June 15, 1858
					d: Dec 19, 1887

2  P - William Allen Langston		b: Mar 31, 1861
					d: Mar 15 1927 Jerusalem Ch Cem
    w) P - Susan (Sudie) May Click		b: Oct 25, 1874 Jerusalem
					d: May 8, 1952 Jerusalem Ch Cem
					m: Aug 6, 1896

2  Martha A. Langston			b: abt 1863-65
    h) John B. Hutchins?			m: Dec 13, 1883

3  P - Ray Levering Langston (never married)	b: Nov 18, 1897
					d: May 21, 1920 Jerusalem Ch Cem

3  P - Sarah Ethel Langston		b: June 4, 1899
					d: Mar 6, 1983
    h) Ray Alicen Thompson

3  Allen Wooley Langston Y2 US Navy 	b: Mar 12, 1901
					d: Aug 21, 1972 Jerusalem Ch Cem
    w) Susan ?

3  P - Mabel (Edith)  Amelia Langston	b: Mar 20, 1903
					d: Feb 26, 1986
    h) Marion A. Andrews

3  Tobitha Mae Langston			b: June 17, 1905
					d: June 28, 1976 Rose Cem Mocksville
    h) Fred Crotts

3  Kate Loreen Langston			b: Mar 17, 1907
    h) P - Willard Egbert Foster		b: Mar 5, 1906
					d: June 10, 2000

3  Hettie Lee Langston			b: May 2, 1909
					d: Dec 1, 1997 Jerusalem Ch Cem
    h) Erskin X. Heatherly			b: Feb 23, 1909
					d: June 8, 1997 Jerusalem Ch Cem

3  Charlie Cashwell Langston (twin)		b: Jan 22, 1911
					d: April 10, 1936
    w) Vauda Merrell ( h-2  was a Minor)

3  Willie Wingate Langston (twin)		b: Jan 22, 1911
					d: June 6, 1993
    w-1) Thelma Barnes
    w-2) Polly Wood Cline			d: July 7, 1997

3  Ruby King Langston			b: Feb 24, 1913
   h) Mitchell Odell Foster			b: Aug 23, 1907
					d: Nov 25, 1975 Fork Bapt Ch Cem
					m: Nov 29, 1929 York SC

3  Dallas Swaim Langston			b: Jan 16, 1916
    w) P - Edith Bawls

3  Joe Henry Langston			b: May 13, 1917
    w) Grace Smith?

3  P - Madge Grace Langston		b: May 22, 1919
					d: 1996
    h-1) Gray Grubb (divorced)
    h-2) Bill Brandon

I colored my links Wine... in here underlining does not neccessarily mean a link.
P	=     When you see a wine colored "P" click to take you to a pic page for the individual
? 	=     Unsure of ... or Unknown
CFC	=     Click Family Cemetery
Co	=     County
i:	=     immigration date
b:	=     birth
d:	=     death
m:	=     married
c	=     child
w)	=     wife
h)	=     husband
w/f)	=     wife's father 
w/m	=     wife's mother
h/f	=     husbands father
h/m	=     husbands mother
w/f/f	=     wife's father's father
w/f/m	=     wife's father's mother
h/f/f	=     husband's father's father
h/f/m	=     husband's father's mother
abt	=     about, usually an educated guess from information acquired

Unless otherwise noted Cemeteries are found in Davie Co. NC. Unless unknown. 

"The Heritage of Rowan County, North Carolina" - ?
"A Concise History of Fork Baptist Church" - Wilson Merrell
"History of Davie County" -Wall
Records also used from Register of Deeds Office in both Davie and Rowan Counties.
Various genealogy sites on the Internet.
Library resources include: Marriage Records, Birth Records, Census Records and genealogy records from Davie and Rowan Counties.

Some notes came from other individuals doing research on Family Line. Like I personally have never seen the Wyatt Bible, the Foster Bible or the Eaton Bible that some of these notes are reported to come from.

Other Lines

On Grandpa Odell's side:

Odell's Fathers side:

Foster line represents Odell's Fathers Fathers line.

Owens/Caudle is Odell's Fathers Mothers line (Caudle is her Father). I haven't found much on the Caudles. I did however find bunches on Odell's Fathers Mothers Mothers line (Owens). So even if you are suppose to do the male lines once you get that far back I had to do this one since I had found so much. Hence they are combined. But you see what I mean about getting confusing? LOL

Odell's Mothers side:

Zimmerman is Odell's Mothers Fathers Line. I could call this Zimmerman/Shutt as well. Because the mother of this line (Odell's Mother's Mother) was a Shutt but I haven't found much on her yet so again, I just included what I did have on this one.

On Grandma Ruby's side:

Ruby's Fathers side:

Langston is Ruby's Fathers Fathers line. I haven't found a thing on Rubys Fathers Mothers yet. I'd welcome any help on this one!

Ruby's Mothers side:

Click is Ruby's Mothers Fathers line.

Eaton is Ruby's Mothers Mothers line.

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