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Ruby King Langston Foster Mothers Mothers Line

(please refer to bottom of page for abbreviations, explanations and references)

1   John Eaton				b: 1659 Llandewr Fach, Radnorshire Wales
					d: May  1717 Pencader Hundred, New Castle Co DE 
					i: Aug 1,1683
    w) Joan / Jane ?			b: 1653-1670 Wales 
					d: Nov. or Dec of 1716/17 Newark, New Castle Co DE
					m: about 1678
This is from a note found in George Eaton's bible referred to by Dr. Samuel Jones in a letter written in 1788 to Joshua Thomas. It seems that they left Wales Aug. 1, 1683 and arrived in Philadelphia Nov. 30, 1683. "John Eaton and wife Joan were of Dolan, Radnorshire, Wales; they came to Pennepack, Philadelphia Co. DE in 1683. John Eaton and his wife Joan moved to the Welsh Tract, Pancader Hundred, New Castle Co. DE in 1712 until their death. He and his wife Joan, are both buried in the Welsh Tract Baptist Church yard at Iron Hill, near Newark, DE."

1 George Eaton				d: after Oct 1706, before Aug 1724

2  Joseph Eaton Rev.			b: Aug 25, 1679 Nantmeal, Honebrook (or Radnor) Wales
					d: April 1, 1748/49 Montgomery, Philadelphia Co PA
    w) Gwenlliam Morgan
					m: Jan 6, 1699

2  John Eaton				b: 1683
					d: April 1750 Pennepack Philadelphia,  PA
    w) Margaret Morgan

2   George Eaton Rev.			b: Aug 1686 Radnorshire, Wales
					d: July 1, 1764 Philadelphia, PA
George Eaton was a Baptist Minister and was in MD about 1750. He is mentioned in the will of his Uncle George Eaton, dated 14 Sept 1706, proved 16 Oct 1706: "George Eatton my kinsman, the son of John Eaton my brother, after my wife is decease, all my whole Estate both personal and real to him, His heirs, and Assigns, for Ever Except what is by my last will otherwise given and disposed of". The will of Jane Eaton, widow of George Eaton made Aug. 20, 1724, proven Oct 3, of the same year. "She makes bequest to Jane Stirk, daughter of Henry and Mary Stirk and to my kinsman George Eaton son of John and Jane."

    w) Mary Davis Street			b: before 1695 Wales
					d: 1723-1734
					m: before 1711
         w/f ?( Peter Davis)

3  George Eaton				b: Feb 12, 1712
					d: 1779

3   Peter Eaton				b: 1712 Bucks Co PA
					d: Sept 25, 1767 Montgomery Bapt Cem PA
    w) Catherine  Williams
        w/f) William Williams
        w/m) Catherine
Both are recorded as baptized on September 6, 1740, in the Pennypack Bapt. Ch. of PA where a George Eaton is listed as a Teacher.

3  John Eaton				b: 1716
				  	d: Sept 1, 1789 Eaton's Bapt Ch Cem
John Eaton was in Rowan Co., N.C. by Jan 22, 1763 when he bought 360 acres on Dutchmans Creek from James Forbes. On June 5, 1773 he and his wife joined Dutchman Creek Baptist Church by baptism. His will dated Apr 6, 1775 mentions wife Elizabeth, sons Samuel and Daniel. On May 4, 1789 he deeded 150 acres in Rowan County to George Eaton. Their children (presumed, except as named in will):

    w) Elizabeth Lovering			d: 1775 (also may be after 1789 buried in Cana)
        c. Samuel Eaton			b: abt 1760 Rowan Co  
					d: Dec 18, 1818 Estill Co KY 
        c. Daniel Eaton			b. 1756-74, resided Rowan Co, N.C., 
					d. 1824 
        c. Isaac Eaton      (On 1800 census Buncombe Co, N.C. & 1810 census Haywood Co N.C. )
        c. George Eaton 			b. 1740
					d. June 2, 1803 Eaton's Bapt Ch Cem
            w) Elizabeth Hughey		m. June 11, 1779 Rowan Co  
        c. Joseph Eaton
        c. Elizabeth Eaton
            h) Robert Erwine			m. Feb  2, 1783
        c. Mary Eaton
            h) Peter Myers			m. Mar 23, 1768 Rowan Co NC
        c. Alice or Margaret Eaton

(One may have married David Jones, executor of John Eaton's estate.) 
3  James Eaton				b: 1717 Pencader Humdred, New Castle Co DE
					d: 1750 Springfield, Philadelphia Co PA
James Eaton, brother of Peter Eaton, made his home alternately in Bucks County PA and in N.C., as his fancy suited him. His brother Peter, and others of his family lived in NC, while others of his kin lived in New Britain Twp. and in Hilltown (PA?). Wife may be Susannah Huntsman with 2 children: James Eaton (b: about 1740) and Joseph Eaton (b: about 1743) both in Philadelphia Co. PA

3  Sarah Eaton
    h) Joseph Gray

3  Thomas Street	(one source says Streets were adopted , but may be previous marriage)

3  Daniel Street 	(one source says Streets were adopted , but may be previous marriage)

3  Mary Street 	(one source says Streets were adopted , but may be previous marriage)
    h) ? Rush

4  Elizabeth Eaton
    h-1)James James			b: 1725
					m: Sept 25, 1762 Philadelphia, PA
    h-2) John Bowden? 			b: Rowan Co 
					m: Dec 2, 1802 Rowan Co 

4  Edith Eaton 
    h) John James				b: about 1728 New Britain, Bucks Co PA
					m: June 14, 1766 Philadelphia, PA
We know that Edith and Elizabeth Eaton, sisters, married the brothers John and James James and that Elizabeth and James James came to Rowan County N.C., bringing the children of her deceased sister Edith James. [Flossie Martin, Mocksville, N.C., letter to C. M. Mallette, 12/3/1978].

4  Peter Eaton Rev  			b: 1750
					d: Aug 23, 1817 Eaton's Bapt Ch Cem
Peter was a licensed preacher of the gospel. He lived in New Britain Twp. on the farm now owned by Eugene James, which he sold in 1783 to Ephraim Thomas and moved to Rowan County, North Carolina. The following is an exert from the book -"History of Davie County" - Wall. Speaking of Timber Ridge Meeting House (located at the site of the present Bethlehem Methodist Church) becoming a church...."Timber Ridge became a Baptist Church. The only known pastor was the Reverend Peter Eaton, who began serving the church about 1787; the membership was about thirty-five. In 1799, 1801 and 1802 Timber Ridge asked Eatons Church for "helps." In 1802 a similar request was made to Bear Creek Baptist Church. In 1803-1804 several members transferred their membership to Eatons Baptist Church. In May, 1812, Eaton's church appointed a commission as "... helps in order that Brother Eaton and his former members become reconciled". The church ceased to function in the early 1800's, apparently because of internal dissension and competition from the Methodists and from stronger Baptist congregations at Eatons and Deep Creek Baptist churches."

    w-1) Margaret Evans			m: Aug 12, 1773
    w-2) Sarah Smith			m: Jan 16, 1814 Surry Co 

4   James Timber Eaton			d: 1817
Left Bucks Co PA, where he had been a member of Hilltown Baptist Church, and came to NC with a letter of recommendation to Timber Ridge Church in 1787. He traveled back and forth between NC and PA a number of times. During one trip, he died on the way to PA according to tradition, and was returned to Timber Ridge graveyard for burial.

    w) Grace Ferebee or Larabee		m: 1779
         (widow of Benjamin Mathias? )

4  Ebenezer Eaton
					d: Oct 10, 1800 Eaton's Bapt Ch Cem
    w) Eve Clifford				b: about 1756 NJ
					d: about 1845 Davie Co 

4  Catherine Eaton 
    h-1) Benjamin Vestine	
    h-2) Robert Shannon

4  Lydia Eaton
    h) Joseph Matthews

5   Benjamin Eaton			b: June 22, 1785
					d: Aug 28, 1829 Eaton's Bapt Ch Cem
    w) Amelia Fox				b: Oct 7, 1788
					d: Mar 18, 1850 Eaton's Bapt Ch Cem
					m: Dec 1, 1808
         h-2) W M Coker
         w/f) John Fox
         w/m) Catherine Hinkle

5  Ebenezer Eaton	(named as son of James in Rev. Peter Eaton's will, no other info)

5  Peter Eaton				b: Nov 20, 1787
					d: Dec 15, 1843 Eaton's Bapt Ch Cem
    w) Tabitha Harbin			b: Dec 4, 1783 MD
					d: Mar 2, 1854 Eaton's Bapt Ch Cem
					m: Oct 22, 1807 Surry Co 

6  Peter Eaton				b: Oct 1, 1809
					d: May 23, 1823 Davie Co 

6  John Eaton				b: Jan 5, 1812
					d: Jan 1, 1869 Jerseyville IL
    w) Joannah Clifford			d: Nov 2, 1882
					m: Oct 28, 1829 Rowan Co 

Eaton book p. 29 lists their children, all apparently in Illinois and moving on from there.

6   Joseph Eaton 			b: Jan 17, 1814 Rowan/Davie Co 
					d: May 17, 1851 Olive Branch, Jerusalem
There were some obscure notes in the Census Jan. 1, 1850: 36 years old, brick mason, 10/14/08, 4/01or 10/27

    w-1) Eliza Cornell	     		b: April 28, 1815 
					d: May 28, 1862 Olive Branch, Jerusalem
             w/f) James Cornell
             w/m) Mary Sullivan

    w-2) Sara Sullivan

6  Benjamin Fox Eaton			b: April 1, 1816 Davie Co 
					d: July 6,1893 Cleveland, Rowan Co 
    w-1) Lucy Tatum			b: Oct 1, 1812
					d: Feb 6, 1888 Cleveland, Rowan Co 
             w/f) Jesse Tatum			    (1777-1856)
             w/m) Leah Owens			    (1780- <1850)
					m: Mar 1, 1838 Davie Co 
    w-2) Kate V. (Eaton?)

6  Catherine Eaton 			b: July 5, 1818 Rowan/Davie Co 
					d: Nov 26, 1854 Olive Branch, Jerusalem
    h) Issac Newton Rich			b: Nov 22, 1808 Rowan/Davie Co 
					d: April 12, 1864 Olive Branch, Jerusalem
					m: Dec 11, 1834
         h/f) John Rich		  	    (1782-1857)
         h/m) Nancy Uptegrove		    (1790-1853)

6  Grace Eaton				b: Dec 1, 1820 Rowan/Davie Co 
					d: April 14, 1902 Jerseyville, IL
    h) Richard Owen Wiseman		b: Mar 7, 1814 Davidson Co 
					d: May 28, 1870
					m: Jan 6, 1837
         h/f) William Washington Wiseman	
         h/m) Nancy Owen

6  Simeon Eaton				b: May 29, 1824 Davie Co 
					d: June 28, 1824 Eaton's Bapt Ch Cem

6  Jacob Eaton 				b: June 24, 1825
					d: Feb 1, 1881 Clement Fam Cem (Eaton St.)
    w) Mary Elizabeth Clement		b: Sept 12, 1828 Rowan/Davie Co 
					d: Oct 8, 1894 Clement Fam Cem (Eaton St.)
					m: Dec 22, 1847 Davie Co 
         w/f) Jesse Adam Clement		    (1808-1876)
         w/m) Melinda Nail		  	    (1810-1891)
6  Philip Eaton 				b: Nov 27, 1827 Rowan/Davie Co 
					d: Dec 17, 1878 Eaton's Bapt Ch Cem 
    w) Sarah Hall Furches			b: April 25, 1828 Rowan/Davie Co 
					d: June 23, 1895 Eaton's Bapt Ch Cem 
					m: April 22, 1847
         w/f Thomas Furches			    (1798-)
         w/m) Elizabeth Ferebee		    (1808-)

7  Mary Eaton				b: Mar 23, 1833 Rowan/Davie Co 
					d: May 1873 Olive Branch, Jerusalem
    h) John Wesley Baity			b: about 1829 Rowan/Davie Co 
					m: Nov 19, 1851 Davie Co 

7  Benjamin Rush Eaton 			b: Feb 27, 1836 Davie Co 
					d: April 11, 1914 Settlement AR
    w) Mary Jane Click			b: May 30, 1836 Rowan Co 
					m: May 20, 1856
         w/f) Henry Harmon Click		b: Dec 28, 1807
					d: abt 1845
         w/m) Sarah Owens 			    (1814-1845)

7  Marie Tabitha Eaton			b: July 25, 1839 Davie Co 
					d: Oct 27, 1909 Eaton's Bapt Ch Cem
    h) Ebenezer E. Frost			b: about 1840 Davie Co 
         h/f) Isaac Newton Frost		    (1799-1872)
         h/m) Mary Eaton			    (1810-1856)

7  P -  Amelia (Millie) Elvira (Elvina) Eaton	b: Oct 25, 1841 Davie Co 
					d: Aug 26, 1930 Jerusalem Ch Cem
Listed as Mildred age 9 in 1850 Davie Co. census? As Amelia Elvina in Tatum with Benjamin Eaton and his descendants.

    h) P - John Nicholas Click		b: Jan 15, 1827 Rowan/ Davie Co 
					d: Aug 3, 1918 Jerusalem Ch. Cem 
					m: Jan 3, 1864

8  c/w-1 John William Click (never married)	b: 1854   
					d: April 26, 1935   

8  c/w-2 Frances Beltchasser ?		b: Sept 28, 1862
(not shown elsewhere)

8  c/w-2 Finnell (Finley) B. Click		b: 1864

8  c/w-2 Salliee (Sally) Click		b: April 19, 1868
    h) W R Koontz				m: May 22 1882/87

8  c/w-2 Albert A Click			b: May 7, 1871
Though marriage records show an Albert Click married to a Kate Fowler on Jan 1, 1884, Aunt Kate reports that Kate Fowler was a black slave. And though she did marry an Albert, it was not our Albert. Could have been a case where slaves took on the last names of their owner?

8  c/w-2 P - Susan (Sudie) May Click	b: Oct 25, 1874 Davie Co 
					d: May 8, 1952 Jerusalem Ch Cem
    h) P - William Allen Langston 		b: Mar 31, 1861 Davie Co 
					d: Mar 15, 1927 Jerusalem Ch Cem
					m: Aug 6, 1896

8  c/w-2 Edie (Edith) A. Click		b: Dec 18, 1877
    h) C F Grubb				m: Nov 28, 1901

8  c/w-2 Charles (Charlie) Click		b: May 11, 1865
					d: Jan 30, 1877

8  c/w-2 Un-named Twins			b: May 12, 1882
					d: May 13 and 20 of 1882

8  c/w-2) P - Sidney Francis Click		b: Dec 22, 1886

9  P - Ray Levering Langston (never married)	b: Nov 18, 1897
					d: May 21, 1920 Jerusalem Ch Cem

9  P - Sarah Ethel Langston		b: June 4, 1899
					d: Mar 6, 1983
    h) Ray Alicen Thompson

9  Allen Wooley Langston			b: Mar 12, 1901
					d: Aug 21, 1972 Jerusalem Ch Cem
    w) Susan ?

9  P - Mabel (Edith) Amelia Langston	b: Mar 20, 1903
					d: Feb 26, 1986
    h) Marion A. Andrews

9  Tobitha Mae Langston			b: June 17, 1905
					d: June 28, 1976 Rose Cem. Mocksville
    h) Fred Crotts

9  Kate Loreen Langston			b: Mar 17, 1907
    h) P - Willard Egbert Foster		b: Mar 5, 1906
					d: June 10, 2000 

9  Hettie Lee Langston			b: May 2, 1909
					d: Dec 1, 1997 Jerusalem Ch Cem
    h) Erskin X. Heatherly			b: Feb 23, 1909
					d: June 8, 1997 Jerusalem Ch Cem

9  Charlie Cashwell Langston (twin)		b: Jan 22, 1911
					d: April 10, 1936
    w) Vauda Merril
         h-2) ? Minor

9  Willie Wingate Langston (twin)		b: Jan 22, 1911
					d: June 6, 1993
    w -1) Thelma Barnes
    w-2) Polly Wood Cline			d: July 7, 1997

9  Ruby King Langston 			b: Feb 24, 1913
    h) Mitchell Odell Foster			b: Aug 23, 1907
					d: Nov 25, 1975 Fork Bapt Ch Cem
					m: Nov 29, 1929 York SC

9  Dallas Swaim Langston			b: Jan 16, 1916
    w) P - Edith Bawls

9  Joe Henry Langston			b: May 13, 1917
    w) Grace ?

9  P - Madge Grace Langston		b: May 22, 1919
					d: 1996
    h-1) Gray Grubb (divorced)
    h-2) Bill Brandon

I colored my links Wine... in here underlining does not neccessarily mean a link.
P	=     When you see a wine colored "P" click to take you to a pic page for the individual
CFC	=     Click Family Cemetery
Co	=     County
? 	=     Unsure of ... or Unknown
i:	=     immigration date
b:	=     birth
d:	=     death
m:	=     married
c	=     child
w)	=     wife
h)	=     husband
w/f)	=     wife's father 
w/m	=     wife's mother
h/f	=     husbands father
h/m	=     husbands mother
w/f/f	=     wife's father's father
w/f/m	=     wife's father's mother
h/f/f	=     husband's father's father
h/f/m	=     husband's father's mother
abt	=     about, usually an educated guess from information acquired

Unless otherwise noted Cemeteries are found in Davie Co. NC. Unless unknown. 

"The Heritage of Rowan County, North Carolina" - ?
"A Concise History of Fork Baptist Church" - Wilson Merrell
"History of Davie County" -Wall
Records also used from Register of Deeds Office in both Davie and Rowan Counties.
Various genealogy sites on the Internet.
Library resources include: Marriage Records, Birth Records, Census Records and genealogy records from Davie and Rowan Counties.

Some notes came from other individuals doing research on Family Line. Like I personally have never seen the Wyatt Bible, the Foster Bible or the Eaton Bible that some of these notes are reported to come from.

Other Lines

On Grandpa Odell's side:

Odell's Fathers side:

Foster line represents Odell's Fathers Fathers line.

Owens/Caudle is Odell's Fathers Mothers line (Caudle is her Father). I haven't found much on the Caudles. I did however find bunches on Odell's Fathers Mothers Mothers line (Owens). So even if you are suppose to do the male lines once you get that far back I had to do this one since I had found so much. Hence they are combined. But you see what I mean about getting confusing? LOL

Odell's Mothers side:

Zimmerman is Odell's Mothers Fathers Line. I could call this Zimmerman/Shutt as well. Because the mother of this line (Odell's Mother's Mother) was a Shutt but I haven't found much on her yet so again, I just included what I did have on this one.

On Grandma Ruby's side:

Ruby's Fathers side:

Langston is Ruby's Fathers Fathers line. I haven't found a thing on Rubys Fathers Mothers yet. I'd welcome any help on this one!

Ruby's Mothers side:

Click is Ruby's Mothers Fathers line.

Eaton is Ruby's Mothers Mothers line.

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